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Every industry, sector and segment is driven by technology to become more efficient, optimized and increasingly competitive. Regardless of their size, organizations are diversifying into niche areas of expertise which allow them to converge skill, knowledge and experience with opportunity to create effective results in their business. TheNewSpaces is a combination of a print magazine, an online video portal and key events that address issues, challenges and the good work that is being done in such tech-driven enterprises.

The focus of the content will start with Pakistan-specific, and then expand into other trade regions where Pakistani enterprises operate.

The articles, opinion pieces and content created through TheNewSpaces platform are geared to the middle and senior-level executives who are business leaders or influencers within their organizations. These executives have a background in technology or all-things-tech, and are looking after at least one other function or have multiple functions reporting to them.


Senior Executives will be invited to ink columns and express opinions that provide key insights into industry trends, allowing for strong knowledge share and discourse. 


Senior professionals have a great deal of experience that they tap into in order to run the enterprises they do. Our niche events will highlight such professionals who will share their expertise based on topics and themes specific to our businesses. TheNewSpaces will introduce focused Roundtables, providing a forum to a handful of people in order to capture their insights on various topics and themes. You can send a specific query to our Events Team through the Contact page on this website.

Events will be moderated by TheNewSpaces team where content will be extracted and featured from within the discussion. The team also has the expertise to produce customized events based on the needs of the organization.


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