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TheNewSpaces is a Business-Technology trade media consultancy. We take an in-depth look into the new opportunities created when technology integrates with the business. Every industry, sector and segment is driven by technology to become more efficient, optimized and increasingly competitive. Regardless of their size, organizations are diversifying into niche areas of expertise which allow them to converge skill, knowledge and experience with opportunity to create effective results in their business. The team looks at each of these crossroads. The focus of the content will start with Pakistan-specific in the local and global landscape.

Our consultancy practice includes assessment, evaluation, training and monitoring.

TheNewSpaces team welcomes a combined experience of more than 20 years in niche content development for digital as well as main stream distribution platforms.

Talea Zafartaleazafar-profile
Chief Executive, TheNewSpaces

Talea has a background in business and strategy development and plans the outreach of the brand. Being one of the founders, Talea also has the added responsibility of leading the various teams to manage the market demands and ensure all the business divisions are profitable. With the sectors that intersect with technology growing so ‘creatively’ and quickly, she uses her business and creative experience to keep TheNewSpaces on-track. Talea has a business degree from Greenwich University and has been recognized nationally and globally for growing ToffeeTV Studios to where it is today. She has led more than 300 productions and continues to liaise with multinational clients to ensure business alignment.

Rabia Garibrabiagarib-profile
Chief Editor, TheNewSpaces

Rabia brings her editorial and analytical skills to TheNewSpaces team. She has been a technology journalist for almost 20 years and has written several hundred articles, case studies and research papers about various facets of IT. She leads a team of research assistants and writers to help generate quality content which is representative of a hyperactive industry. A research, author and moderator, it is her job to tell the stories that change and shape businesses and sectors. Rabia has hosted and produced a number of television shows for technology and continues to work with Talea on growing ToffeeTV. She is the Chairperson of the Eisenhower Fellowships in Pakistan.

TheNewSpaces is a product of the ToffeeTV Studios and is dedicated to premium quality content development in the technology sector that powers Enterprise-level businesses. The platform of TheNewSpaces includes a number of Services. If you have questions or queries, please connect with us through the Contact page.

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