Jazz Celebrates Successful 5G Trial

As of July 2019, Jazz had almost 13 million 3G users, 11.7 million users on 4G. Ranked number one by Ookla through their Speedtest Award™, Jazz is considered to be Pakistan’s fastest mobile network. It also has the highest number of customer complaints lodged into PTA’s system against it.

As service providers make more business-driven and IAAS solutions for the corporate sector , there is a small, but growing demand for 5G services prompting Jazz to begin conducting 5G trials. China Mobile, however was the first to conduct 5G testing in Pakistan. 5G spectrum readiness is scheduled for later this year in countries across Asia, and in 2023 for the rest of the world. As the prevalence of high speed broadband, which has spread faster across the newer economies than the developed nations, a similar trend will be seen for 3G,4G and 5G adoption. Countries with a lot of legacy infrastructure makes expansion slower and more expensive.

Jazz Team celebrates the successful 5G trial in a really weird photo inspired by the famous Trump Orb photo

There is still a lot more work to be done after the spectrum auction having to do with infrastructure deployment and upgrades. According to the PTA, Pakistan had almost 70 million 3G and 4G users in July 2019, growing at an approximate 1 million users each month. Mobile teledensity was 76.56% while broadband has almost 72 million million subscribers.

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