4 Advancements That Will Drive IOT Adoption in 2019

IOT devices integrate the way we work, rest and play. But before more wholesome “one-ness” can take place, some drivers need to be in better alignment. Here’s an interesting take on four advancements that businesses will see by 2019:


With the advent of new technology, the levels of regulations surrounding that technology also raise. Well, IoT has raised many concerns regarding its security measures, and 2019 is all set to see the legislatures and regulatory entities start enforcing revised and new laws. Vendors and users are expected to be mindful of regulations dealing with the user data collection, retentions and security. Most IoT users usually collect data in abundance; however if one doesn’t follow proper security measures, this data can be hampered.

Stringent Security

The high-profile data breaches in this year have cleared that security demands more investment than what the companies spend. Advanced software patching will become a key component of IoT offerings in the coming year. Hardware-level security might become prominent, particularly for applications dealing with sensitive information. The preference for open hardware and software for the IoT places an even greater emphasis on operating system-level security. However, enterprises may start offering more security-focused IoT devices tailored toward specific industries, such as healthcare and surveillance.

Smart Devices

With the growing use of smart devices like Alexa, and Google assistant states that smart devices are here to stay. Smart technology is welcomed into the kitchen to make the process of preparing meals simpler or to simplify home life like automated vacuum cleaners with the latest innovation and for other uses as well. Businesses are planning to come up with smart desks and walls in the coming year ahead.

Artificial Intelligence

Due to the low-cost of IoT infrastructure, many enterprises have gathered data beyond what they can process, and AI collects this data and makes the most out of it. AI also enables faster and better image processing and video analytics is creating numerous use cases and business opportunities. It is beneficial for organizations to invest in AI than to invest in sensors, and through this enterprises can derive exceptional value from the collected data.

This article was originally published at CIOReview

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