Why You Should Build a Career in FinTech: Live Session

The global FinTech market is valued in excess of a trillion dollars. In the first half of 2018 alone, investments in the global FinTech sector were $57.9 billion and is expected to reach $70 billion in 2019. The speakers in this session of CCD will talk about the skills and knowledge you need to not just make a career in FinTech, but also have an appreciation for what is being done locally. This session is being conducted as part of TNS’ Campus Connections series.

Date/ Time:

Thursday, 6th December, 2018 at 1pm-2pm (GMT+5)

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Stay on this page or click on the link for: Why You Should Build a Career in FinTech: Live Session  (link:

Areas of Discussion:

  • Skills needed for FinTech
  • The kinds of careers/jobs that are in high demand
  • Examples of successes and failures in FinTech-powered solutions

Who should attend:

  • Students wanting to understand scope of FinTech
  • Faculty needing an exposure to the field
  • Startups trying to enter the FinTech space

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