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Shanghai’s Incredible Metro Network

Shanghai is China’s most crowded city at 24.8 million and it’s no surprise that the city is host to one of the world’s most extensive metro network. The metro spans 673 kilometers long and has 5,000 trains serving 10 million individual trips to 396 stations across 17 lines each day. That’s enough to get anyone’s blood boiling, except it doesn’t. The experience is relatively seamless. Riders get on their trains by swiping a QR Code on their phone. No tickets, no printouts, no wait.

Taking things forward, China Metro is working closely with Alibaba to integrate Voice and Facial Recognition. Once integrated, passengers will be able to tell a machine their destination at the time of entry. Using the AI, the system will be able to recommend the best route and calculate the ticket cost accordingly, but everything revolves largely in the vicinity of the mobile device. The Metro also has a special train dedicated to carrying passengers directly to the CIIE this week.

The Shanghai Metro has grown into the vast network that it presently has, across a 40-year phased plan which started in 1989.  According to a report published in Railway-Technology, signaling installations have been provided by Alstom for the construction of specific lines. Each motor car of the train is equipped to detect and monitor faults and transmit the information to the driver. The diagnostic signals are also logged so that these faults can be easily pinpointed when a train returns to the maintenance depot. The standard plasma screens on platforms show passengers when the next two trains are coming. Platform screens indicate trains due and onboard screens provide next stop information, supplemented by announcements in Mandarin and English.

Growing the system to accommodate the rate of population growth and urban expansion is an art equally as critical as a science and the Shanghai Metro has demonstrated this with immense accuracy.

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