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Hey Alexa, What’s Next in Voice Payments and Commerce?

Technology continues to grow as a segment of the economy and as a segment of what we touch. But we find that technology is most effective and impactful when it is natural and intuitive to behavior between consumers and merchants. It is important to understand and appreciate that in order to create that naturally an intuitive behavior between the consumer in the merchant, there requires a great deal of technology. The deployment of technology and smart solutions whether it is in voice assistance, or end to end logistics chain, the tech is what helps to reduce friction and make an otherwise very complex process, simple.

But perhaps what is the most profound gain to be earned in this interaction and partnership between technology and business operations, is being able to put the consumer at the center of the value chain and give them back their time. The solution that is able to make the overall experience simple, natural and aligned with consumer behavior and expectation, wins. The solution that is able to be the most efficient, get the most done in the least amount of clicks and time, wins.

When companies win, they earn the customer’s loyalty and establish a relationship. For any business, that is gold.

To answer a complex technology question of what is the future of voice in commerce, you really only have to understand one simple thing: people love their time and their convenience. If you give them a delightful experience, they will reward you. And if you make them feel that their voice is heard, they will keep talking to you.

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