ACCA Upholds ‘Ethics’ As a Key Pillar For an Emerging Pakistan

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has teamed up with Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and CFA Institute to celebrate this year’s Global Ethics Day (17 October 2018). To mark this landmark occasion, the companies will be exploring how businesses are preparing for an ethical future in the face of threats and challenges presented by globalization, technology, and human psychology, topical areas the ACCA frequently conducts discussions on.

The three organizations are also producing a film interview series called ‘Ethics in business: in their own words’ which will feature a number of global CEOs, including: Helen Brand OBE, chief executive of ACCA, Paul Smith, president and CEO of CFA Institute and David MacLennan, chairman and CEO of Cargill discussing the greatest ethical challenge facing their respective organisations.

ACCA Pakistan held an event in Islamabad where speakers stressed the value of instilling the right mindset and culture to drive businesses forward, ethically and sustainably. The impact of triple bottom line has been introduced into the business culture and financial statements almost a decade earlier, however except for the larger companies which align themselves for the sake of compliance, few execute.

Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA Pakistan highlighted, “It is not our opinions but our actions which are going to drive change. Ethics or lack of is going to be the key disruption alongside technology advancements.”

Aamir Ghauri, Senior Journalist, Broadcaster and Author moderated a session with Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director SDPI, Dr. Tariq Hassan, Chairman Audit Oversight Board, Rahat Kaunain Hassan, Partner Hassan Kaunain Nafees Legal Practitioners & Advisers, Zouhair Khaliq, Co-Founder Team up & Advisor and Syed Asmatullah, Executive Director Deloitte Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountants.

Rahat Kunain commented, ‘Improving work ethics of the nation, in general, is imperative to drive the productivity of our workforce else competing with global workforce will an upcoming challenge for our youth.’ Aamir Ghauri who was moderating the panel discussed that ‘The kind of role models we are sharing on television and films should promote and showcase good moral and ethical examples.’ Zouhair Khaliq, Co-Founder Teamup and Advisor commented, “The young generation of the entrepreneurs is building up their businesses on strong moral and ethical values, leaders of today should inculcate and nourish such behaviours.”

Helen Brand OBE, ACCA’s chief executive, says: ‘This is the fifth anniversary of Global Ethics Day, and an opportunity for us all to stop and think ahead to the ethical challenges we face and how we can all work together to tackle them. This day is to remind individuals and businesses of their ethical responsibilities and highlight why doing the right thing is so important. And this is why ACCA is supporting Global Ethics Day 2018, working with Carnegie and CFA Institute to shine a spotlight on all things ethical’.

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