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Click and Mortar Business Models Trending in Pakistan

The Click-and-Mortar business models continuing to gain traction in markets such as Pakistan. Businesses kickstart operations in densely-populated areas and work to tweak their supply chain and deployment of services. CarFirst is an OLX-run company in Pakistan, and a used-car online auction and trading platform. They are expanding their operations by launching new purchase centers across Pakistan. CarFirst opened its doors to customers in North Nazimabad in Karachi, Ravi Road in Lahore and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi. CarFirst shared its launch plan for the next 3 months whereby they will be expanding its nationwide network of purchase centers and warehouses in 12 new locations, in addition to the 16 purchase centers currently operational.

Raja Murad Khan, Co-Founder, and CEO of CarFirst said, “We are excited to open our doors for our customers based in North Nazimabad in Karachi, Ravi Road in Lahore and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi. As a part of our commitment to respond to our customers and partner dealer’s popular demand, we will be expanding our network at 12 new locations across Pakistan. We most recently shared our latest innovation, ‘Used Cars Live Auction’, with the public and were happy to see the immense value and excitement it added to the car trading process.”

Positioned as the direct competitor to PakWheels, CarFirst modifies the click-and-mortar business model, introducing car auctioning and acquisition points.  CarFirst was founded in 2016 and has been the recipient of the largest Series ‘A’ investment in Pakistan from FCG, and the largest Series ‘B’ investment from OLX Group. CarFirst, (an OLX Group Company) aims to revolutionize the way cars are traded in Pakistan by offering comprehensive solutions for all things related to cars, such as evaluation, certification, financing, insurance, live auctions, and many more. CarFirst aim is to keep adding value across the customer’s journey, improving efficiency and transparency at every milestone of the car trading process.

What do you think this physical expansion will do to this specific segment? What impact do you think the trust deficit will play in the adoption of such a service?

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