Wearable Tech Continues to Grow: Bianca Lopes

Bianca Lopes

Identity and Fintech Influencer, Bianca Lopes explains, “I think there is a lot more understanding about that identity is something that needs to be done just for KYC, rather an entire ecosystem that needs to be built.”

Bianca was a wearables payment race mentor during the conference, “It is so exciting to see wearables as a form of payment where someone can go all the way from Istanbul to Amsterdam, enabling teams to pay through ‘things’ instead of traditional payment methods. I am excited to see the road that identity would play in payments over time.”

Talking about who is driving innovation in payments, Bianca explains that it is consumers who are the real catalysts. “Phones came out and consumers had expectations from them to be quick and easy to use. It’s about turning that balance between convenience and security. I think that is what is pushing the change in behavior.“

As for where the roadmap for payments and innovation and payments is headed to, Bianca says, “Payments are obviously never going away; we will always need to exchange things by things so more innovation will continue to evolve the payment space. We see wearables growing in the space of fitness and payments. There is a lot of data produced with every single device, and no regulatory body that can dictate what can be done with the data. The demands and expectations of users are evolving much faster than is the industry.”

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