SAP Launches Data Center in Dubai

Image courtesy: ITP

SAP has launched its first data center in the UAE, strengthening its competitive position to provide cloud-based services to local companies.

According a report published by Forbes, this launch is part of a $200m investment in the country, which will be accompanied by further investment into its channel partner programs and establishment of it’s new headquarters in Dubai. Earlier this year, SAP launched one of it’s Co-Innovation Labs in Dubai which will be an RnD center for collaborative projects with partners and customers.

With business models and offerings from IT Services Companies moving towards Cloud-based solutions, such strategic investments will pave the way for a lot of business revenue for companies like SAP. But SAP isn’t alone in making their investment. Aliyun, Alibaba’s Cloud division, launched its first Cloud facility in November 2016 and has already announced plans for further expansion. Microsoft has also announced plans to launch two Cloud regions across Dubai and Abu Dhabi as part of its 12-region global expansion.

What impact do you think these strategic investments will have on the ITeS companies in Pakistan? Share and let us know!

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