Apple Watch Termed The Most Popular In Asia

According to Canalys research, Apple has shipped 3.5 million articles of Apple Watch throughout the world in 2018, showing a 30 % increase in sales as compared to last quarter of 2017.

Apple is reported to have shipped 250,000 Apple Watch units to Asia, excluding China. 60 % of those shipments were of the latest Series 3 LTE model. The model is the most popular one in Asia. It requires a monthly subscription plan.

In September 2017, Tim Cook had announced Apple Watch as the highest selling watch in the world, leaving behind watch manufacturers like Seiko, Omega, and Rolex.

However, despite the increase in shipments by 30%, Apple’s total market share is reported to have fallen by 9 % at the start of the second quarter of 2018. This could be partially due to the fact that competitors Fitbit and Garmin introduced more options in their products as users are now actively depending on smartwatches to track and maintain their health record system.

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