Transition From Paint Brushes To Pixels

Third Annual RobotArt competition held recently attracted more than 100 submissions by 19 teams, who were publicly voted and selected by a combination of artists, techies, and critics. The submissions reflected how much technology can be used to aid creativity and expressionism to create futuristic artwork. The theme of the competition was to combine a physical and automated brush to create artwork. The artwork from the contest would be put up at Seattle Art Fair in early August for sale.

The first prize worth $40,000 was awarded to Pindar Van Arman who combined machine learning with his six-piece series of paintings. He described how he used 3D-printed paint heads and deep learning algorithms to create aesthetically pleasing, independent abstract strokes.

The second prize which was worth $25,000 was awarded to, 2017’s winner, Creative Machines Lab who won over the panel with their high-level skills of brush strokes. The algorithm behind this winning entree independently conceptualizes a painting and then puts it onto a canvas by independently selecting color palette and using required brush strokes to complete the picture.

The third winner, CMIT ReART bagged home an amount worth $10,000 for its robotic program that is able to robot real movements of an artist; his arm movements, brush handling, placement, and force with which it is used upon the canvas, and then imitates all of it on the digital screen.

This isn’t the first time AI has been used to create artwork as various other programs, technology and apps exist in the market to explore how creativity and expression can be merged in unique ways with technological advancements.

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