Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter Release Plans For Massive Data Mobility

Under their Data Transfer Project, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have announced that they will be sharing a platform to move data seamlessly between their platforms. Google termed it a step toward mobility of user data which will allow them to move data directly from one service to another without requiring downloading and uploading separately to each platform.

The system currently supports the transfer of mail, photos, calendars, contacts, tasks and draws data from public API’s of Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Instagram. The contributors hope for a system that is more flexible, robust and accommodating than standard APIs.

The vision behind Data Transfer Project is to build a common framework with open-source code that is able to connect any two online service providers for a direct, seamless portability of data as initiated by the user between the platforms. The DTP system also allows the building of tools and software for extracting and backing up saved data on social media platforms and tools for wiping out the user’s social media presence.

Users want to be in control of their data and one aspect of it is for them to be able to transfer their information.

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