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Apple Goes Green in China

In a  statement released on Friday, Apple revealed that it will be launching a $300 million fund for clean energy in China. It will be working with its suppliers to make renewable energy projects that will be responsible for providing power to around 1 million housing in the country. Chinese government has prioritized ending pollution and is pressurizing local and international companies to reduce emissions in the environment in an effort to reduce toxic smog levels and country’s soil and waterways.

The investment includes Pegatron Corp and Wistron Corp that will be made to China over a period of four years. This came in while the US and China trade war is still rife.  Apple produces many of its goods in China which are shipped all over the world including the U.S. and China, even though it faces serious competition in China from local smartphone producers.

Earlier this year, Apple revealed that all its global facilities are being run by renewable, clean energy.

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