Strategy: Automating the Newsroom with AI

In this episode of TNS Strategy, we talk to BaseH Founder and CEO, Anis Shiekh, about the future of newsrooms everywhere. BaseH developed an algorithm and software that can ‘write’ news, thereby automating the process of news creation. The bot will learn a specific style of writing, crawl the web to research what is needed, and then generate the news items. Presently, they have done this with the finance and stock news, because there are a lot of sources the bot can learn from, but the eventual plan is to go into other areas also.

While the technology will just grow as the need does, there are certainly ethical concerns. How will news creation change? What impact will that have to the consumption of news? What about the trust factor? We talk about all this and more in this episode of TNS Strategy! Click and watch below!

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