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Apple Won’t Be Using Intel’s Chips In Phones Next Year

Smartphone manufacturing giant Apple has reportedly informed the microprocessor chip manufacturer Intel that it will not be using the latter’s chips in the smartphones it expects to launch next year.

The chips in question were hybrid-chips with support for 5G cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

As per reports circulating in international media, Apple has notified Intel that it would not use a mobile communication component developed by the chipmaker in its next-generation mobile device. Sunny Peak is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth component designed by Intel, the manufacturer had earlier described Apple as the “key mobile customer” for the developed component.

There are also reports that the company has seized development work being done on it and have decided to redirect the workers of the development team to other departments. Meanwhile, the Intel’s executives have said the company is now looking to further improve Sunny Peak to get the component into Apple’s 2022 mobile devices.


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