UAE Consumers Now Happy to Spend More Online

Like many things, the UAE loves plastic for money also.  In fact, plastic is considered to be their preferred method of payment for online purchases, while cash on delivery falls 15%. More than two thirds of UAE shoppers are now comfortable making purchases and paying bills online. What makes this even more interesting to me is the fact that the UAE is a very urbanized market and the fact that COD is experiencing a downward trend, is very surprising.

According to the poll of 600 UAE residents, 66% of shoppers are now happy to buy online – a figure as high as 81% of Emiratis, while 70% feel more comfortable settling utility and government bills using digital platforms. Card payments are now the top method for online purchases for seven in 10 respondents, while cash on delivery has come down to 15% from 22% in 2017.

As the UAE moves towards becoming a cashless society, Visa has teamed up with Dubai Economy for the UAE Consumer Education Program Security Week.

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