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Nokia Takes Over Network Operations of Telenor Pakistan

Telecommunications company Nokia is helping Telenor Pakistan in its plans to modernize and transform its network and for that matter, it has reportedly taken over network operations of Telenor.

Telenor is striving to expand its services to customers and this collaboration will assist the firm in its network expansion and upgradation goals along with increased penetration of 4G/LTE services.

Under the deal, at least 233 employees of Telenor Pakistan will be handed over to Nokia. Under the scope of the deal, Nokia will manage the complete multi-vendor network operations for Telenor Pakistan, leveraging Nokia’s Global Service Delivery tools.

Additionally, Nokia will deploy its AVA cognitive services platform for the first time in the region, enabling new predictive and customer-centric approaches to network planning, optimization, operations, and maintenance.

Telenor Pakistan officials had stated that the decision to on-board Nokia is in line with Telenor Pakistan’s ongoing strategy for network expansion, transformation, and virtualization.


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