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HTC Announces Blockchain Powered Smartphone Called Exodus

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HTC has joined the ranks of smartphone manufacturers making blockchain centric phones. The once dominant force in smartphones and tablets is calling its latest creation Exodus (a reference to freedom from invasion of privacy?) The phone will have a universal wallet, hardware support for cryptocurrencies and support for decentralized apps, including some that come out of the box.

Huawei had also announced a deal with Sirin Labs to build a blockchain enabled smartphone earlier this year with plans to release it in Q3 or Q4 of 2018. Sirin has its own Blockchain phone called Finney which goes for $1000. Brazilian company Sikur released the Sikur Phone this year as well so HTC is clearly trying to get the jump in to an emerging niche market.

Exodus will have support for bitcoin and ethereum and many more cryptocurrencies as partnerships grow; individual phones will act as nodes in a native blockchain network where users can trade cryptocurrency. Users will be able to purchase the phone through bitcoin as well.

Blockchain enabled phones may turn out to be an upper class purchase initially but in the long run, as the conversation over security and decentralized control grows, so too will the call for more secure devices.

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