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The London Police is Teaching Companies About Cyber Security with Legos

The London Police Force had announced last week that it would be imparting cyber security training to IT professionals and novices alike in industries to give them a chance at defending themselves in this increasingly hostile world. The training program is called Cyber Griffin. The training is innovative to say the least. It combines Legos and a variant of monopoly to show people the risks of their actions.

The game is a simulation. There is a lego power plant in front of the subject and he/she is handed playing cards with huge figures on them. They have a total of £100,000 as their annual budget. With that they have to make decisions on how much to spend on what technology. Make the wrong choice, and suffer the consequences. These choices include antivirus programs, CCTV cameras, asset audits, threat assessments etc. It’s like spending monopoly money to buy hotels and houses.

The game was invented by Ben Shreeve, an academic who specializes in cyber security at Bristol University, while he was at Lancaster University. The program was co-opted by the London Police Force and Sgt. Charlie Morrison encourages the Board of Directors of various companies to play the game with their IT professionals. This, he believes, makes them see eye to eye much better as they are working in fundamentally different areas and rarely understand each other’s problems.

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