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Vietnam Passes Cyber Security Law that Undermines Freedom of Speech

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The National Assembly of Vietnam has passed a cyber security law that mandates companies like Facebook and Google to store the data of Vietnamese users in Vietnam. 86% of the members of the assembly, 423 to be exact, voted for the law to be passed.
The law is supposed to crack down on dissent and prevent internet users from organizing and training anti-state actors. The law also prohibits the distortion of history, negation of the national achievements of the nation, the undermining of religions or national solidarity or discrimination on the basis of race and gender. In doing so, the companies that store data will have to hand it over to the Ministry of Public Security upon receipts of requests in writing.
Cyber security laws are being passed all over the world in light of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and also due to the passage of the General Data Protection Regulation, or the EU data privacy law. These laws give ordinary citizens the power to control their data as opposed to letting corporations do with it as they please. In Vietnam however, the tide is turning in the opposite direction.
The law is also a concern to Vietnamese diplomats since it violates the laws of the World Trade Organization and the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement.

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