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Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone Test NB-IoT Roaming

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Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone have completed their first International trial for NB-IoT roaming. The “historic trial“ is a massive step forward for cross border NB-IoT according to the two telecom companies. It could accelerate the development of the technology greatly and encourage other countries to adopt the technology.

The trial included Vodafone using Global SIMS on the T-Mobile network in Austria and Deutsche Telekom doing the same on Vodafone’s network in Spain.

Licensed mobile IoT networks require international roaming as an essential part of their package. Without it, in an increasingly smaller world, there is no point to go to a carrier to satisfy international roaming when services such as Skype and WhatsApp can fill in that gap. Logistics tracking and other applications need to work in multiple territories in order for roaming to be successful. This is especially important for economies of scale when it comes to things like smart parking meters.

Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer GSMA believes that the success of the trial means that this year, IoT will truly scale. The trial showed that ensuring great service and connectivity in multiple geographical locations is entirely possible.

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