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Cambridge Ana­­­­­lytica’s Former Chief Admits Receiving Data From Researcher

The former chief of UK data firm Cambridge Ana­­­­­lytica has now admitted that his firm did receive data from the researcher at the centre of a scandal over Facebook data.

Earlier the firm had said that during the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign it had never been given data by Aleksandr Kogan, the researcher at the centre of the scandal.

Cambridge Ana­­­­­lytica’s former chief Alexander Nix, who had earlier denied, now said that the consultancy had indeed been given data by Kogan.

The data reportedly contained the details of around 87 million users which were allegedly improperly obtained. However, Alexander Nix said the company had deleted the data.

While admitting it had received the data, Nix said it was not useful to the company.

“The data that we received wasn’t fit for purpose,” Nix said. “It wasn’t the foundational dataset on which we built our company.”

Lawmakers also quizzed Nix about a secret recording of him saying that Cambridge Analytica’s online campaign played a decisive role in US President Trump’s election victory, broadcast by Chan­nel 4 television in March.

Cambridge Analytica at the time said the comments did not “represent the values or operations of the firm.” Nix apologised for his comments, saying he had been foolish and had made exaggerated claims in order to attract what he thought was a potential client.

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