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Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into Police Car In California

Another Tesla vehicle suffered a crash because of alleged Autopilot malfunctioning in the United States, when the driver of a Tesla Model S accidentally crashed into a police vehicle in California.

The police vehicle was unoccupied and parked; the driver of Tesla later told the investigators that the vehicle was in “Autopilot” mode at the time of the incident.

The driver suffered minor injuries, however, extensive damage was done to the front end of the Tesla and the rear side of the police vehicle.

Autopilot is a semi-autonomous technology that the company says is a form of advanced cruise control.

“Tesla has always been clear that Autopilot doesn’t make the car impervious to all accidents,” the company said in a statement after the accident and could not immediately confirm the driver’s report that the vehicle was in Autopilot mode.

Earlier this month, Tesla made headlines when one of its Model S Sedan cars crashed into a fire truck in Utah. The driver walked away with minimal injuries, though the car was completely destroyed.

The driver was a 28-year-old woman who ostensibly had Autopilot on. The car was going 60 miles per hour and she had her hands off the steering wheel because she was texting.

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