Amazon Bans Customers Who Return Items Too Often

Return shipments is one of the biggest problems in logistics and online shopping. The fault is often at both sides of the exchange, i.e. the customer and the courier service companies. The costs of these returns are often high, not to mention the money reconciliation issues. Imagine what the costs would be at a retail giant like Amazon.

Shoppers have taken to social media after being “exiled” from the online storefront

Amazon may not be the customer-friendly, free returns paradise it makes itself out to be. The company bans shoppers for infractions, including returning items too many times, the Wall Street Journal claims.

According to the paper, Amazon sometimes bans customers without informing them that they’ve done anything wrong. Some shoppers have written about being “exiled” from the online shop, while others have taken to Twitter to decry similar punishments for returning too many items.

Amazon’s flexible returns policy has been part of the online giant’s appeal over traditional brick-and-mortar shops, many of which have been forced to offer similar return policies to compete. The company’s Prime membership promises free and easy returns on many items, but it now transpires that this has its limits.

One customer posted a screenshot of an email she’d received from Amazon, asking her to give a reason for why she had been returning her orders.

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