The Age of Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech

Despite the fact that I have two businesses to run and a lot of strategy and outreach to plan, I am relatively active. But it wasn’t until I started wearing a Fitbit that I was concerned about the measurable activity. Sure, our smartphones have a ‘health’ icon and countless exercise apps will track everything from the number of steps you take, to the calories burnt and heart rate but trends really interest me. The more data points there are, the more accurate insights I can learn from. In addition to the immediate activity, I have historical data that I can use to establish trends and figure out what my health patterns are.

When I came across this PDF, as tweeted by Shira Rubinoff, it really got me wondering how we have the tools to be in control our lives. And all of it while ‘looking good’. In today’s ecosystem, a lot of these tools are available as standalone apps. The more integrated they become, the more meaningful information they will be able to generate. The wearable ECG, smart tattoos and insulin patches and so much more. What also got me concerned was just how much of this data is private. With everything connected, including patient vital statistics, who has access to the sensitive data? And what should we be looking at before signing up for an app that gives us the insights into all this cool information. There is so much and more to consider. Check out the Future of Healthcare 2018 PDF.

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