App to Facilitate Smart Cooking

Smart Cooking App

K&N’s has stepped into the Ecommerce space by launching an app focused on recipes and cooking. It’s called “Smart Cooking with K&N’s” and was developed by A2Z Creatorz. The ecommerce space in Pakistan is expected to cross the $1 billion threshold in 2018 and companies and brands want to be on the bandwagon when it does. The news of being bought by global E-commerce giant Alibaba for $200 million has also bolstered expectations. This app has apparently been developed through a lot of personal involvement from K&N’s CEO, Khalil Sattar, who is deeply invested in its success.

The Audience

The market for this app is the stay-at-home mothers and housewives who are the primary audience consuming cooking shows in Pakistan. By launching in Ramzan, K&N hopes to ride the trend when food shopping experiences a significant surge among the target demographic. However, the challenge with this audience is that they may not be more tech savvy beyond the usual WhatsApp and messaging apps. Whether the interest in cooking and cultural significance of the month will translate into more customers, remains to be seen.

The App

Smart Cooking with K&N’s is designed to be simple and engaging. There are options to look up recipes involving K&N’s products like Seekh Kababs, Samosas, Chapli Kababs and other foods, to watch videos on YouTube that help you throughout the whole process and an in-app option to scan QR codes and look up specific recipes. The recipes are categorized through their product ranges however there is no word on when the home delivery feature home delivery will be activated. For the time being, the company is focusing on simply facilitating customers with their cooking. When the feature is activated, the food will be delivered to your doorstep, facilitating their delivery supply chains that exist through their franchise stores. There are multiple options for payments including Cash on Delivery, payment through credit/debit cards, through fintechs such EasyPaisa and Jazz Cash as well as with local mobile wallets.

K&N’s doesn’t have any current plans to deliver entire meal kits to create recipes like services abroad such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh which are monthly/annual subscription-based services. However, the company does plan to extend its reach into the US and the UAE where it already operates. The app has been designed with a backhand CMS system to help the company update its product line and content without the need to refer back to A2Z Creatorz.

As the local ecommerce market grows it is inevitable that more players enter and make their mark. Effective marketing and competitive pricing as well as great service have always come together to produce a winning strategy. Whether Smart Cooking with K&N’s will meet that target is still anyone’s guess.

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