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IBM India Believes Cyber Security is a Goldmine for Jobs

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IBM India is encouraging young professionals to go for a career in cyber security due to the shortage of qualified individuals. The jobs pay extremely well due to the shortage and could lead to a lucrative career for thousands.

IBM India estimated the amount of required professionals in the country was somewhere around 3 million yet only a hundred thousand were around at the moment. Since IBM looked at the global scenario as well they encouraged students to go into the field because there was a worldwide demand for their talent.

IBM executives implored educational institutions to introduce courses at every level to make sure students have a path to cyber security careers.

Kartik Shahahni, Integrated security leader for IBM India said that security solutions accounted for double digit percentages of its revenue yet the pertinent staff was a small percentage to the total staff.

The call to cyber arms comes in the midst of a world realizing how unsafe its information is. Not only have private companies like Facebook and Twitter and Google demonstrated that they have invaded user privacy but entire state governments have begun feeling the danger of a rising cyber threat.

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