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IoT Startup Filament Hits a Milestone for New Blockchain Hardware

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Filament is a company that focuses on IoT solutions has created a USB compatible form factor for its Blockchain semiconductor. This allows people to launch Blockchain projects by simply plugging in a USB device. The Blockchain semi-conductor called Blocklet allows individuals to sign and verify blockchain transactions at the ‘silicon level’.

The startup is trying to build technology that allows the usage of blockchain without having to install third party software. The USB device could simply contain a chip with the software and work its magic without having to install separate software for compatibility with another device.

These kinds of initiatives are being taken all over the world. IBM and Microsoft are using Blockchain to create primary data transfer networks like BlueMix and Azure Cloud, respectively. The fear over using a new technology has also relatively subsided due to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. This has created an atmosphere where people are willing to invest more in Blockchain than ever before.

CEO Clift Jennings says that Filament is in the process of ramping up production. Right now the quantity of devices may not satisfy bulk buyers but by the third quarter, customers may be able to buy as many devices as they’d like.

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