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Russian Hackers Tried to Infiltrate The Sun’s Computer Network

News that Russian hackers tried to invade The Sun’s computer network has spread throughout the UK, fanning fears that other publications may be in danger as well. As the largest circulating daily newspaper in the country, an attack on the Sun is as serious as it gets for new outlets in the UK. With cyber security fears growing day by day, this threat couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Thankfully there were no breaches in the system, but the threat is reason enough to be on guard.

Chief Technology Officer for The Sun’s parent company, News UK, Christina Scott informed the newspaper staff of the threat this week. The company is offering training to its staff so they can spot phishing attempts in the future. Scott also informed the staff that other newspapers’ email addresses were at risk and that they were working with the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) to alleviate the threat as best they could.

According to the NCSC, Russia currently has three malware campaigns, Berserk Bear, Cozy Bear and Pawnstorm. These are primarily government and private actors along with critical infrastructure providers and internet service providers. As a result, all news organizations will be carrying out protective measures similar to The Sun.

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