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Survey Reveals Only 9 Percent of Millennials Interested in Cyber-Security Careers

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Denver-based cyber security company ProtectWise has released a survey of 524 ‘tech savvy’ millennials and post millennials who were questioned about their career preferences in the field of technology. Only 9% said they were interested in cyber security careers.

It is estimated that the cyber security talent shortage will reach 1.8 million people in 2020 and that trend shows no sign of improving according to this survey. The students surveyed revealed they would love to pursue careers in video game development (33%), software development (21%), Engineering (15%), scientific research (13%) and information technology (11%).

The reason for the disconnect with the field could be chalked up to the fact that the exposure to the field is very minimal. Only four of the males surveyed said they worked in cybersecurity currently and only 17% of those surveyed said they had a family member who worked in the field. Over 69% hadn’t ever taken a cyber security class at school while 65% went to a school that never offered any course at all.

The silver lining here is that young females found a career in the field exciting. 57% of females vs 40% of males were more inclined to pursue cyber security careers.

ProtectWise has a personal stake in this and is working on VR technology to help people learn cyber security skills and turn them into professionals.

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