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30 Companies Sign Cyber Security Tech Accord

More than 30 companies including Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Symantec and Cisco Systems, have signed the Cybersecurity Tech Accord to improve internet security for all users specifically to defend against cyber criminals and malicious nation states.

These companies are at the head of the world’s internet and computer applications and their commitment to this Accord will prove quite valuable. The principles of the Accord include stronger defence, no offence, capacity building and collective action. The security innovations will help users across the globe indiscriminately regardless of the motivation of the attacks online.

The Accord ensures that the companies will not help any government or any business launch a cyber attack against any individual or group of individuals and instead increase the capacity for people to defend themselves. The Accord remains open to signatories from around the world.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent as demonstrated by the hack that brought Atlanta to its knees and malicious manipulation of individuals has been the central discussion in tech since the revelation of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Signatories of the Accord are scheduled to meet for the first time at the RSA conference on cyber security taking place presently in San Francisco. The topics of discussion will be Capacity Building and Collective Action.

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