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Pakistan to Get 60Tb Data Capacity Through China-Backed Submarine Cable

Pakistan will receive an additional 60Tbs of internet bandwidth as China is laying new high-tech submarine cable system which will have two landing points in Pakistan — in Gwadar and Karachi — and will stretch across Africa and Europe.

The deployment of this submarine cable, named PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Cable Express), has already commenced. It will be built by Huawei Marine and is going to be funded by Tropic Science. Telecom giant PCCW Global, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong, will manage the whole operation.

China is already helping Pakistan in deploying the Silk Route Fiber Optic Cable and Pakistan-China Fiber Optic Back-Haul — running from China through Khunjerab to Islamabad.

The PEACE submarine cable system will get operational in 2019, and is likely to become the most resourceful system to connect with outside world. It will provide more redundancy to Pakistan’s internet landscape and help avoid the type of internet blackouts the country has experienced in the past.

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