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Alibaba Is Using its IoT OS To Connect Automobiles

The Alibaba Group and NXP, a global Dutch semiconductor manufacturer, have entered into an agreement to install IoT technology into millions of cars in China by 2020. Alibaba has invented an operating system called AliOS that provides IoT solutions and NXP has an automotive infotainment solution; the plan is to couple these two to provide a true IoT experience.

The goal is to build a smartcockpit which is AI enabled and has a multi-touch screen interface. The system will receive secure over the air updates and lead to a more efficient and error free self-driving car experience.

This is part of Alibaba’s bigger plan to install its IoT system on a total of ten billion devices by 2023 through partnerships with various microchip companies like MediaTek and STMicroelectronics. These partnerships will help optimize hardware and software to work together seamlessly to be used in smart homes, AI enabled appliances and customized IoT chips.

All this has followed from Alibaba’s unveiling of their voice assistant named Tmall Genie in July last year. The voice assistant was developed in partnership with MediaTek and Alibaba managed to sell over a million Tmall Genie devices in their Global Shopping Festival last November.

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