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Islamabad International Airport to Test First Flight April 7th

Image courtesy: Pakistan Today

The New Islamabad Airport is to officially begin its operations on the 20th of April 2018, however, it will host a test flight on 7th April. Originally conceived in the 1980s, the construction of the airport has been started and halted multiple times due to changes in administration and poor planning, however the first test flight will be landing on the runway tomorrow.

The test flight is a mock exercise by the PIA to test check in procedures, passenger handling and various security checks that are business as usual at airports around the world. Approximately 250 family members of PIA employees will act as passengers. The exercise will be observed by PIA CEO, Rasool Cyan.

The Islamabad International Airport will be the largest in the country in terms of landings and passenger facilities. It is spread over 19 square kilometers and has the capacity to house the largest plane in existence, the A380. It will officially take over the title of the Islamabad Airport from Benazir Bhutto International Airport on the 20th of April.

In addition, a total of 66 air-conditioned buses, with 30 to 32 seats each, will travel regularly from Koral Chowk and from Rawat to the airport once it is operational. The fare of the journey will start at Rs. 270 per head but will gradually decrease according to the Secretary, District Regional Transportation Authority.

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