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After Uber, Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Crashes, Kills Driver

Less than a week since the Uber self-driving car fatality from Tesla made headlines today for another fatal crash involving a Model X autonomous vehicle that killed the driver. The crash occurred in Mountain View, California, where Tesla cars are the most prevalent out of any State in the US. The car crashed with a median barrier on Highway 101 and was then struck by a Mazda and an Audi. Right now it is unclear whether the vehicle was on Autopilot.

The crash is different from that involving the Uber autonomous vehicles for two reasons. First, the Uber was driving at night on a seemingly abandoned road in Tempe, Arizona; second, the accident occurred when a middle-aged woman was crossing the road while wearing no reflective clothing or watching the road at all.

In the case of the Tesla, this seems to be a vehicle malfunction or a lapse in judgement in broad daylight. The crash also caused a fire and damaged the car considerably. Tesla has dispatched an employee to examine the wreck and do a full analysis. Autonomous vehicles are a key part of the Internet-of-Things revolution and can not afford to err in any capacity, which is why there is still a driver required behind the wheel at all times on public roads according to the law. But this precaution, it seems, is not working very well.

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