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Huawei to Build Blockchain-Enabled Smartphone

At the Mobile World Congress this year, Brazilian company Sikur released an $800 phone called the SikurPhone. They touted it as the most secure smartphone in the world specially built to be a cryptocurrency wallet. Now it seems that other phone manufacturers are following their lead, most notably Huawei.

Huawei confirmed that it had held talks with Sirin Labs in a bid to make blockchain technology more accessible to the public. Sirin has its own operating system called SIRIN OS that Huawei is looking to License and run parallel with Android OS on their phones. The Shenzhen, China based smartphone manufacturer said they hadn’t signed an agreement with the company yet.

Sirin is also releasing its own blockchain enabled smartphone this year called the Finney. Finney will include a cold wallet just like the SikurPhone, to store and keep cryptocurrency secure. It will be priced at $1000 and already has 25000 pre-orders to date. The phone is expected to be released in Q3 and Q4 of 2018.

Huawei recently overtook Apple Inc. as the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. Its reach is growing faster and faster and it’s looking to expand into the US. If Huawei manages to add a cryptocurrency wallet to a smartphone and pull it down to a price point attractive to the niche market of cryptocurrency traders, it may just run a three minute mile.

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