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Google Partners With FogHorn to Promote Industrial IoT

FogHorn and Google have announced a partnership to bring the IoT platform to industries worldwide. FogHorn is an Industrial Edge computing solutions provider that provides data gathering and analysis systems to industries. They will be integrating their Lighting Edge intelligence platform with Google’s Cloud IoT Core which was made available as a public beta last month.

The partnership is aimed at maximizing industrial efficiency and rooting out redundancies in systems as a whole. Google has demonstrated this at its own data centers using the DeepMind AI it developed. Google was able to cut back on power consumption for machine cooling by 40%.

Industrial IoT allows for data gathering at a massive scale and enables predictive maintenance, real-time operations monitoring and streamlining of processes. Data from multiple sensors and machines can be integrated in the Google IoT Cloud.

Here, different tools such as Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio can be used to analyse the information and pinpoint the location of any inefficiencies in the factory, e.g. factory floor, supply chain, industrial operations etc. These ‘Insights’ can be especially useful in the oil and gas industries, the manufacturing sector and the mining sector.

The Internet of Things is being pushed as a way revolutionize the world. It aims to cut down on waste and push efficiency to its limits. And all this is built on eliminating redundancies.

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