Homegrown Online Retail

Online retailers are commonplace in the world today. From global giants like Alibaba, and Amazon to regional players like here in Pakistan, e-commerce is becoming the rule, not the exception. The online marketplace makes thousands of products available, just one click away. It also generates jobs and opportunities for disruptive services that make a thriving ecosystem possible. AllMyTech is an electronics retailer founded by Salman Riaz, a textile graduate who started his career working at a technical textile company in 2013. “I didn’t enjoy it at all. My wife eventually pushed me to pursue this business.”

Salman was showing his wife a new phone recently imported from China and she casually remarked that he should try and sell these. As with most great ideas that are generated in the moment, this fired all kinds of neurons in his head. He made a Facebook page advertising a phone with ‘killer specs’ and promptly got 23 orders. Once all the orders were fulfilled, he decided to just keep going.

The business model at the core of AllMyTech is service and customer satisfaction. Credibility matters; the sales will follow if people trust you. “AMT is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Ever since the beginning we have refused to be in this race of superlative growth, we have grown slowly but have never ever compromised on our set of values this is why more than 60% of our customers come back.”

Riaz speaks of a proven business model. A major component of Apple Inc.’s success is its customer service, which is known throughout the world. Close to home, Imtiaz super store funnels 30% of its profits back to its customers, keeping prices competitive and loyalty high. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game when it comes to the service platform. Quality of service is what drives users on any given platform. That, and the overall experience from start to finish.

The thing to understand about consumer behavior is quite simple: they need the service to work. Granted that platforms partner together across multiple protocols, solutions and products that come together to complete the user experience, nobody cares why something doesn’t work. Customers are only loyal to service.

“I can safely say that nobody else does tech like we do. We have helped customers fulfill their most outlandish tech requirements. We sell off the shelf items too but since our team knows the length & breadth of the products we sell, we are in a better position to recommend what is best for the customer.”

Loyalty and Growth

If AMT sounds like a Mom and Pop shop more than an online retailer, that’s because it is. The company is a family-owned business and jumps through the same hoops to get things done. AMT’s operations have grown from the 70 orders per month to processing more than 3000 each month today. Yet Riaz is in no hurry to make it big. The critical factor that makes AMT a good business model to follow, is its agility. When a business is customer-centric, it shows. “We’re not reinventing the wheel here. Our order processing enables us to manage customer expectations.” It’s this meticulous approach that allows any business to retain customers and build loyalty and this one isn’t an exception to the rule. A general lack of trust of technology makes it difficult for such businesses to scale up manifold.

“In a dynamic industry like ours, earning and retaining customer loyalty is always a challenge but the majority of our clients are satisfied with what we offer and those who don’t, eventually return when they experience what is out there.” Online retail is a market that meets a need like any other business, of people tired of waiting in line and hunting for exactly what they needed in stores throughout their neighbourhoods and cities. Online retail is only going to grow and though growth may take a while, slow and steady does eventually win the race.

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