YouTube deletes 150K videos that led to ad boycott

Content, even when free, is driven by advertising. And when the big advertisers start pulling out, the content providers start  making changes. Early this year in March, big spenders like AT&T,  Johnson & Johnson and others stopped advertising on YouTube after ads appeared next to extremist content. YouTube rushed to fixed the problem. They experienced some major advertisers, including AT&T and Johnson & Johnson stop advertising on the platform.

In October 2017, there was another advertiser exodus after some companies complained that their ads were appearing next to videos showing inappropriate imagery of children. Advertisers who pulled ad campaigns included Mars, Mondelez, Cadbury and HP suspended their YouTube campaigns after a Times of London report showed ads appearing next to the videos. Again, YouTube immediately ran to fix things.

YouTube recently deleted 150K videos featuring children that had inappropriate sexual comments. The company disabled comments in more than 625K videos and suspended several hundred accounts that made inappropriate comments.


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