HBL Introduces Open Payments API with EasyTickets

APIs make it possible for businesses to offer customers integrated payment and convenience. As opposed to a the traditional payment method of credit or cash transactions, APIs make it possible to browse through a services offerings and make a purchase through their app, having a secure transaction processing take place without having to log into a native payments app.

In the case of EasyTickets, the app allows you to buy movie tickets, event and bus tickets, eliminating the need for the middleman. Live information lets you know the availability and specific locations of what you are purchasing. The EasyTickets app allows real-time seat selection and paperless e-ticket purchase for 20 cinemas across 10 cities, Daewoo and Skyways buses and local events directly from any smartphone.

The announcement with HBL takes care of a critical painpoint of enabling EasyTicket customers to making actual payments. HBL customers will be able to securely ‘pull’ funds from their bank accounts  at the time of checkout directly on EasyTickets. The API enables the instant processing of payments by customers who enter their bank account number which is securely authenticated at checkout.

As a leading innovator in the financial industry, HBL launched an Open API to instantly enable its portfolio of 10 million customers to buy movie, bus and event tickets from EasyTickets. HBL and EasyTickets piloted pull account payments to assess the response prior to this announcement.

“The HBL payments API offers our customers a superior and delightful checkout experience”, said Monis Rahman, Chairman of EasyTickets. “It’s faster, more secure and more convenient than having to fill a detailed credit card processing form. We have seen a notable boost in transactions and customer happiness since we launched the pilot with HBL”.

Abrar Mir, Chief Innovation Officer at HBL said, “We are delighted to pilot our e-commerce payments pull API with Pakistan’s leading online ticketing app. This integration with Easytickets is part of a larger initiative by HBL to provide even more benefits and connectivity to our 10 Million customers through our Open API platform.”

The collaboration brings more confidence to the consumer segment in having services successfully identify and match their needs. Definitely watch this space for more developments!


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