You Can’t Tech It With You – Episode 1



After a break of a few years, I’ve been trying to figure out what my voice is again. As Talea Zafar and I launched TheNewSpaces a few months ago, we wanted to position our company into the center of things – research and write about things that jumped off the pages and light up the vacuum bulbs that were rotting in the minds of the people who had become too comfortable with their tech.

The business landscape has changed so much in the course of a really short time. Today is all about figuring things out, cutting through the noise and finding out who you are. Keeping things simple and constantly communicating. The same process applies to businesses… and that’s what gave rise to this podcast.

We named the podcast You Can’t Tech It With You, and while the name doesn’t mean anything profound, it’s a take on one of my favorite plays by George Kaufman and Moss Heart called you Can’t Take It With You.

If memory serves me right, I almost saw the play being performed by a friend of mine in high school. This 8th-grader friend, Kate Taylor, was probably the only Brit in school at the time, and was the youngest actor to be part of the high school play. Kate was wonderful and it is actually her that keeps the memory of the drama alive, more than the actual play itself.

In this audio podcast series, I will be looking at the eccentricities, ups and downs of the technology sector and how it has disrupted everything to become the new normal. At times, I will invite guests and cover the new spaces of what inspires us to write and keep swimming in the realms of technology. I will look at how everything from behavior to trends, fintech to IoT have been influenced by the solutions that technology has to offer, and try and make sense of where we’re heading.

This is Rabia Garib and you’re listening to You Can’t Tech It With You.

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