The Forensic Audit for IT

Imagine you run a 100-person company. This means there are at least 100 workstations that have all kinds of varied access to the intranet and the web. Compound at least one mobile device for each employee to that figure and you’re looking at approximately 200 devices that can be used for potential breach of one IT policy or another.

Forensic is the scientific tests and investigation to follow evidence and determine whether it can stand in the court of law. According to the head of Forensics at KPMG (Taseer Hadi & Co) Muhammad Talha, “Digital storage media contains different types of information such as emails, documents, data, images, system logs and most importantly, deleted files.” There are different stages of an IT audit and the process begins from information gathering to imaging, processing, analyzing, reviewing and reporting of the electronic storage media.  

Today’s world is all about data and it’s the company’s IT policy that will help determine just how secure you are in the event of a breach. For example, does your company have a backup or imaging policy? Do you have a way to track devices that are officially issued and is there clarity on who owns the contents of the device?

Talha addresses some of these issues and more in this episode of TNS TechTalk.

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