Facebook Launches Find Wi-Fi Globally

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Facebook announces that its “Find Wi-Fi” feature will become available for both Android and iOS mobile users around the world. The feature, found under the “More” tab in the Facebook app, brings up a map showing the closest free hotspots and provides basic details about the business supplying the Wi-Fi.

The worldwide rollout follows last year’s soft launch for iOS users in limited markets and could prove particularly valuable for those in developing countries. The launch reaffirms the company’s mission to ‘bring people together’. The company recently announced that there are 2 billion people connected through Facebook, this feature hopes to allow more users to engage in more meaningful transactions. It also positions itself as a hub to bring more traffic to physical locations of users in search of connectivity.

Interestingly enough, the feature requires the app to be ‘always on’ as opposed to the default ‘only when using the app’ in order to use your location, date and clock to suggest where the closest wi-fi options for you can be.


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