The Careem Box

Ride hailing app Careem just launched their courier delivery service BOX in Dubai. It’s called the Box because whatever package is selected has to fit in the box. This was in response to a rising trend where customers used the app for delivery services, so Careem decided to play around with this option. There will be a tracking system in-app to allow the customer to monitor the progress of their package.
All users have to do is open the app and select the BOX icon, which will take them to the standard booking service steps. They will be matched to the nearest bike and shown an estimated fare. Once the service is selected, customers will receive an SMS.

Initially the service will only be available in Dubai and might be expanded to other countries based on how it is received by customers. The service is a natural add-on for disruptive solutions such as value who are able to give traditional service providers significant competition. Building value into their own trusted core disruptive service enables innovative companies to serve a wider market while maintaining a competitive advantage.

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