Is Oppo an Anagram for Poop?

That just might be the secret. It’s apparently ranks the ‘number 2’ smartphone manufacturer in emerging Southeast Asia of 2016. And anyone in the Subcontinent knows what being number 2 means. It’s new release positions the phone to be the ‘selfie expert’ rather than all the stoic bodies who will use it. The press release talking about the launch wordily pointed out that the F3 series phones will be launched in 5 key markets including Pakistan, and advertising campaigns launched in markets around the world… Pakistan, not so much.

A phone. A device that has very little value without the platform and apps, is indeed a marvel of innovation that can make selfie-hungry users stop long enough to express a smiling emoji. A market so price sensitive it makes eczema seem mild, one shouldn’t wonder if an economically-priced phone would create a sales trend any different to the chaos and destruction a Lawn sale would bring… regardless of the quality.

In an age where you could land up with devices that spontaneously self-combust or brands that create trends so you can mould your behaviour around it, where does Oppo fit? It could fit in the palm of your hand… or not.


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