The Gap Makes Growth a Greater Challenge: Softronics

Softronics Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the most pioneer names in the software market of Pakistan. Founded more than 2 decades ago in 1985, the company has expanded its operations into different areas of expertise.

The growth and dynamism of an industry is dependent on the quality of the fresh intake. Despite the growing number of IT graduates being churned into the market each year, Mahboob-ur-Rahman, like many, feels that there isn’t enough quality out there. Rahman is the  Executive Director of Softronics Systems and voices his frustration at the ITCN Asia 2016 Expo.

“One of the biggest challenges we face,” he continues, “is quite an alarming issue for the educational department of country. While trying to hire new resources, there is often a gap between student’s capabilities and the responsibilities of job.” According to varying online sources, as of 2011, there were a meager 1,000 IT graduates each year. Not only are there a limited number of jobs available for the fresh graduates, there is a mismatch in the skills supplied and skills demanded.

The question to ask here is what will stop the vicious cycle. The cycle of not having enough ‘creative’ job opportunities; which drives graduates having a narrower, almost tunneled career prospects; which drives weaker intake numbers into the institutions; which kills the growth prospect in the industry.

“The mindset of people also needs to be changed,” Rahman continues. “People shy away from change and rely on older technologies simply because they are used to it.” It is a fact that businesses who don’t adopt new trends and technologies, will fade away. In the Age of Lean structures, businesses cannot afford to have high overheads and be inefficient. Moving to the Cloud and looking at packaged solutions for business operations such as HR & Payroll, must be implemented.

This interview was conducted at the ITCN Asia 2016. TheNewSpaces is a Strategic Partner for the ITCN Asia 2016.

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