Innovation is the Key to Transformation: Code Informatics

Innovation is the Key to Transformation: Code Informatics

“Change? Change!” This was the theme of Code Informatics’ presence at ITCN Asia 2016. They don’t believe in conventional ways of business and that innovation runs in the bloodline of the company.

“We want to introduce new solutions in Pakistani market.” Muhammad Bin Masood, Marketing Manager of Code Informatics believes it is high time for the integration of Augmented reality in local market. Their Change? Change! philosophy is not just some new way to attract clients, the change within their company inspired them to alter their approach to local market. For initial 3 and a half years, they mostly worked for international clients on their conventional web solutions but they change their approach one and a half years back.

Muhammad wants to bring positive change in Pakistani society. Scarta, one of their products, provides attendance and smart card solutions. “We have offered Scarta to different schools free of cost” but their feedback have not been encouraging. “Locals have shown resistance in adopting newer technologies” but it does not discourage Muhammad and his company from trying again and again.

He believes future of Pakistan in IT industry is huge and their main objective is to bring innovations. “We want to put Pakistan ahead in IT industry.” And with the talent Pakistan have, we might just get there sooner than later.

This interview was conducted at the ITCN Asia 2016. TheNewSpaces is a Strategic Partner for the ITCN Asia 2016.

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