Pakistan Shows High Growth for Wireless Distribution Products: Minerva


Minerva are the experts of wireless connectivity over secure channels. They have various range of products to cater their clients and they are confident they will be a major player in Pakistani market too. “With the investment on infrastructure and economic growth of Pakistan, we believe there is a huge potential here”, Ali A. Hamze, Business Development Manager of Minerva believes Pakistan will be a good market for their company.

They are looking to extend their reach here but they are facing some issues. “We are looking for good partners and integrators in Pakistan but we have not been able to connect with many.” Their priority is to work with top notch partners. “We believe in quality solutions”, Hamze assured of standards of Minerva. He also thinks that Pakistan is a very price sensitive market and it is one of their biggest challenges here.

This interview was conducted at the ITCN Asia 2016. TheNewSpaces is a Strategic Partner for the ITCN Asia 2016.

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